Frankenstein-Should We Play God?

frankensteinI most certainly think that there should be a line that is not to be crossed when it comes to humanity’s pursuit of knowledge. Progress in the world of science is great, but we can’t let it get too far. If everything is constantly being updated, we will lose touch of what life once was and what should always remain. We can’t get caught up in changing the world or else our short time on earth will be wasted. Those who do get caught up with obsessions will realize that they could have been spending quality time with good people doing fun things, but instead chose to throw their life away being dedicated to some experiment.We see this is exact scenario happen in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Victor loses touch with his family and with reality altogether because his obsession with creating life takes over his own life. People should not be trying to “play God” by doing things such as bringing the dead back to life. Especially not without considering the consequences. Victor’s actions caused bad things to happen. That could have been his punishment for not respecting God’s will and nature’s will. It’s not natural to try and give life to something that is dead. Everyone lives and everyone dies. It’s the way she goes. Considering it is 2016, everyone should accept that by now.

Of course medicine, new discoveries, and ways to make life easier are great. Lives are being saved every day. People are receiving health care to make whatever anyone’s conditions may, as comfortable as possible. Many emergency procedures now exist to prevent some life-threatening situations from being fatal. It’s wonderful and I don’t think the search for cures and comfort should ever stop. However, I don’t think that anyone should be searching for anything too extreme. Some things need to be left to God and nobody should feel a moral obligation to to God-related things. If people are trying to make some magic, everlasting life potion, something is going to go wrong and we’re going to have some kind of Dawn of the Dead stuff going on. Don’t be like Victor. Let the world turn the way it always has. God will solemnly take care of the rest.


The Most Difficult Thing

Being a sixteen year old girl in today’s society, I face quite a few challenges in my daily life. Sleep, school, anxiety, relationships, friendships, and distance can make life a tad difficult. However, my greatest challenge, which some may find strange, is the fact that I do not have a job. It doesn’t sound like a big deal considering I’m only a high school student with no bills to pay, but it’s very frustrating for so many reasons.

Mostly all of my friends, who live in a separate town, have jobs. They always want to do things and whether they are big or small, it all costs money. Of course I always want to participate, but that’s hard to do with no income. That’s the least of my worries though, I’d like to have money saved for when I go to university. It’s so angering because it’s not that  I don’t want to work, it’s that there’s nowhere to work.

I go to school in a completely separate town and I only get home at five o’clock every night. Every business in town except for the local diner are all closed by five. The diner does not hire and places are closed on sundays. That leaves me only able to work on saturdays, but nobody would hire someone just to work on saturdays. Plus, my entire social life is in Longlac so that is where I’d like to spend my saturdays. Once I can drive things might be easier because I could apply for a job in Longlac, but for right now, I have no options and I find it to be the most difficult